Network Services Group

FIRSTECH Network Services Group is not the typical IT support company you may be used to. We believe that “small business” does not necessarily mean it has small needs or should get small service. Shortcut solutions and “band-aid” fixes cost your business in lost time and money, and we understand that – we’re a small business, too.

We customize solutions and support to meet the needs of your business by offering:

Infrastructure Design & Implementation – At Firstech, we know that secure, resilient and highly available technology infrastructure is indispensable to the achievement of our customers’ business goals. Our customers’ data and communication needs are changing and therefore the systems that move that information continue to converge with those that are more virtualized and space efficient, interactive and personalized.

  • Network Design, Implementation and Support
    • Need analysis and assessment of existing network
    • Development of short and long-term LAN/WAN strategy with implementation plans
    • Introduction of emerging LAN/WAN technologies
    • Management of LAN/WAN implementations
    • Planning and execution of transitions to new infrastructure
    • Designing support models for maintenance and support of customers’ new environment
    • Documentation

Managed Services – We recognize that computing has become an indispensable intellectual business asset. Therefore, we leverage our experience in the design, strategic procurement, implementation, servicing and maintenance of computing systems. At Firstech, we help our customers identify the best methods to keep their technologies vigorous within the budgetary and operational parameters of their environment. Our goal is to enable our customers to focus on their critical business issues while we better empower their users and reduce the customer’s total cost of technology ownership.

  • Proactive Monitoring / Infrastructure Support with Reporting
  • Desktop & Server Support
  • On-Demand Technology Support
  • On-Site Preventative Maintenance

Project Management

  • Preventative Network Maintenance
  • Migration Strategies
  • Upgrades
  • Short and Long Term IT Plans
  • Budget Forecasts and Plans

Co-location – Our colocation solution provides our customers a secure and controlled environment for their equipment and business continuity needs.

  • Co-location site includes: biometric and keycard security, secured locked cabinet, redundant power and cooling, UPS and generator, protected Sonet backbone, and 24x7 network monitoring
  • Available services:
    • Rack space – rental by the rack unit
    • Dedicated Managed Router and Firewall
    • Redundant Data Back Up
    • Server Management

Desktop & Server Solutions – We understand that PCs, laptops, servers and peripherals are at the heart of the daily interface our customers have with technology. Therefore, we support our customers’ hardware, software and warranty needs.

Business Continuity Planning – At Firstech, we deliver consulting, strategic planning and design of comprehensive and cost effective Business Continuity solutions. Our customers’ need the ability to recover information quickly and securely and their business information is an essential requirement for running their businesses. System downtime, failure and missing or corrupted data can cause dramatic revenue loss for our customers.

  • Planning, Assessment and Identifying key individuals
  • Discovery of the fiscal impacts of downtime
  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Storage and backup solutions
  • Identification of potential threats
  • Peripheral requirements

Virtualization – Flexibility and scalability, not only for our customers’ systems but the environment their applications run in, is critical to their growth. Firstech’s solution includes a hardware and software environment that draws upon a shared pool of resources thru server, storage and network virtualization and consolidation. This provides our customers increased economies of scale, security, recoverability and performance.

  • Virtualization Consulting
  • Implementation of Virtualization Services
  • Strategic Hardware and Software Sourcing

Email Hosting

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Spam Filtering

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